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luh jern - General John A LeJeune - luh jern
This website honors the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps
General John Archer LeJeune (luh jern.)

From the friends, family and supporters of LeJeune, we honor him and ensure that his legacy is not tarnished by mispronuciation of his name.

The `luh jern` Campaign
Lejeune, Lejern And How to Say It
Leatherneck, April 2008 article(PDF)
Billboards at Camp LeJeune
Provided by P.T. Brent
Honoring the Lejuene name correctly, it's pronounced `Luh-jern`
USMCCA Online, 11 June 2009
Call it `Camp Luh-jern`
Marine Corps Times, 29 Sept 2009
Camp "Luh-jern"
Examiner.com, 08 April 2011
Respect and honor the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps by saying his name correctly.
Grunt.com, Sgt Grit, 19 Jan 2011
How do you pronounce Lejeune? Base officials say it's 'Luh-jern'
News Channel 14, 20 July 2012
Call it "Camp Luh-jern"
Marine Corps Web Log, Cpl. Beddoe 10 Dec 2009

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